W. Marcus Bevans

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     This is a tool that can be used to help you understand the importance of being a worshiper.  The chapters in this book bring clarity to some of the misunderstandings about worship and being a worshiper.  It teaches worship leaders how to prepare and conduct themselves.  It describes the roles and responsibilities of an effective worship experience.  It helps you to fully understand what worship is not while it also teaches you what worship is.  If you function in the flow of a service in any capacity, you need this book to help guide you with what helps and hurts a worship experience.  This book will help you navigate through life with the proper tools to be pleasing unto God.  If you desire to become an effective worshiper, add this book to your databank.


     If you are a man that has made some mistakes in life and didn't fully understand some of your choices, this book is for you.  If you have a father, husband, son, uncle, nephew or any other man in your life that you sometimes struggle understanding, this book is for you.  If you desire to be married and want to make sure you are ready, this book is for you.  If you are married and don't understand things about your husband, this book is for you.  If you have questions or concerns about Men of God, this book is for you.  This is not a book that bashes women nor is it a book that exposes men.  This is a book that helps everybody understand the things most men won't actually say.  The Truth About A Man is sure to help you in some way shape or form.  Add it to your library today.

     This book is designed to help those who are in relationships that want to succeed.  Good and healthy relationships don't just happen.  It takes hard work and two people who are willing to sacrifice.  Love is not enough to have a successful relationship.  You have to be willing to accept the full time position with no days off that comes with being in a relationship.  Most people get in relationships with selfish intentions and usually mess them up for the same reasons.  You won't just have a happy and successful relationship, you have to create one.  If both parties are not on the same page and willing to MAKE it work, it won't.  Don't be the weakest link in your relationship because you lack tools that are available to you.  Get this book and find out what tools you aren't using and add them to your relationship.  This book is a must have if you are in a relationship or plan to be in one.  Add it to your library.



     This Compact Disk was created to help you take worship home with you.  A lot of people have tried to take the worship from church home with them and felt unsuccessful as a worshiper.  We have to learn to build our worship relationship just as we do any other relationship.  The corporate worship experience is built off of the individuals in attendance's personal worship strength.  If you don't have a strong worship life then you can't expect to have a strong corporate worship encounter.  This is a helpful tool to become a better worshiper.